Marwahin, Lebanon

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I would like to point your attention to our story where the world is trying to ignore it and show it differently.
I am watching my country, Lebanon, burn in front of my eyes with its women, children & men. The Israelis have destroyed all bridges, airports, ports. We are in total isolation from the world and what is the world doing? Nothing! Waiting to take a decision while the Israelis decided that it is not enough to target the infrastructure in Lebanon, they began targeting civilians. Regardless of the political issues or who initiated this situation, I only care about watching families going through humiliation and horror to try to escape to a safe place while their village is being bombed. And with no place to go, this helpless family had a shred of hope when they reached a UN base in the south of Lebanon. The sparkle of hope in the children’s eyes for reaching safety was soon gone when their request was denied and they were not allowed to enter that so called “human rights protector” UN base. Minutes later, I can not even explain to you the horrifying fate this family from a village called Marwahin has faced. Bombs targeted their van and the whole family with the children was killed after they burned in their car. Their means of transportation to safety became their tomb. I am reaching you to share our story and share this family’s fate with the world where more families are facing the same fate for the past days.